Life Assurance Companies

Life Assurance - what does Life Assurance mean, what companies are providing offers to customers in the UK and where can you get great value in the life assurance companies market.

You will find it all on this site! Details of the life assurance company deals being advertised and available, all the details of giveaways, of policies, information about minumum premiums and articles; in short, plenty of information and knowledge for you to take out the policy that's right for your family and for you.

Our chart below lists major companies with life assurance policies available online now, for the UK market at the moment.

Select the 'info' button in the table below will reveal all the deals for each assurance company.

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Standard Life Standard Life's Life Insurance can look after your family’s future should the worst happen and you’re no longer around to do it. You choose the amount of cover up to a maximum of £500,000 (lower maximum if you’re aged 56 or over). You could use it to protect a mortgage, other loans or to help provide financial security for your family. Show/Hide Extra Info Get a Quote
The AA The AA search from a number of leading insurers to find the package that is cheapest - and right for you. From as little as £5.75 a calendar month, you can get an online quote within just a few minutes to suit your needs. Show/Hide Extra Info Get a Quote
Provider Provider Detail More Info Visit
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