Term Life Insurance Article

Longevity and Life Insurance

Longevity is becoming a concern for many in the life insurance industry.

Investments in health and care for the elderly means that for many, the three score years and ten is not a good measure for how long one is likely to live. What is good for some may not be good for others, and the risk that you will have to claim on life insurance policies may reduce if you are a fit and active seventy year old.

This means in turn that the life insurance companies not only have to factor in the length of life that an individual might live (maybe they would even stop smoking ... ) but also the fact that in the economic climate of markets falling, the amount that investments can pay out each year is falling as well.

Many people are therefore looking at life insurance policies to protect their families and friends, and the price of the premiums is increasing - the main problem facing life insurance companies is that there are no hard and fast ways to assess the risk of this longer living - and therefore factor the additional cost into premiums.

That is why it is increasingly important to shop around the major life insurance companies to see what is on offer - because the offers won't be around for ever.

Take a look at the various offers at Term Life Insurance to get a feel for what is affordable and what is not, you might get a pleasant surprise. Even if you happen to be a smoker !

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